With that, the Killing School Semester had officially begun. With Miu’s memento in hand, everyone headed to the Death Road of Despair. Neither understands the other's way of thinkingーKokichi believes Kaito is gullible and dumb for having such blind faith in others with no logic, while Kaito hates Kokichi's lies and more cynical way of thinking. Once Kaito logged in with the others, he remarked that he could move his body pretty easily and that he might not have to worry about “all that stuff”. Kaede was irritated with him when he said that he had a friend of his forge documents in order to pass the exams, but Kaito stated that they let him in regardless due to his personality. Kokichi Oma is a character featured in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmonyand a participant of the Killing School Semester. She graciously refuses, but is uplifted by Kaito's supportive attitude. Undoubtedly, Kaito's biggest flaw is his arbitrary complete trust in others, which is often misguided. ", "I see. ― lilolaf 1/25/2017. Gonta and Tenko used K1-B0 as a battering ram to shatter the tank since it would take too long to drain by hand, and everyone helped clean up. "[6], Comparisons could be made between him and Kiyotaka Ishimaru due to having similar roles as the "hot-blooded bro character", and was created as the "motivational bro character."[6]. ", "It's not like me to make others worry...", "The universe is a hostile place, so communication is really important. It is also because of this nature that he became a moral support to the other participants. O Kaito was one of the ones who cheered her on, but his and the others cheering was pointless as she was executed by Monokuma. Before Joining Danganronpa According to Tsumugi Shirogane, Kaito Momota was a normal talentless high school boy who adored a famous reality show called Danganronpa, a series which tells the story about Killing Games, created by Team Danganronpa. It's common sense! Birth Date 1 Availability 2 Locations 3 Presents 3.1 Present Reactions 4 Skills Granted 5 Free Time Event Dialogue … Believing that men should never give up, Kaito is very irritated by how welcoming Ryoma seems towards death. All seven of them headed down into the game room as soon as the time limit was almost up. ", "Let's run like we're chasing our pasts! Himiko however was more willing to suspect him, saying that he had the face of a killer. Kaito made him promise not to cry, however, Shuichi had immense difficulty following through on this and later admitted to Maki that Kaito was the only reason why he was still alive. He dreamed of one day going into space, saying that there’s no way he could wait until after college and that sometimes you have to take risks in order to make your dreams a reality. With this, the Ultimate Assassin seemed to have finally warmed up to Kaito a bit and told him that her able to overcome her burdens might be thanks to his training. Where's your pride in your work? She said that if she can make fiction change reality, it then wouldn't be fiction and it would give Kaito's life meaning, choosing to believe her feelings for him were in fact real. Home › Video Games ›‹ Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony › Kaito Momota. We all gotta put our heads together now! The group became disheartened to see how many people they had lost up until now. ", "I'm seriously pissed we gotta do this, but it's our only chance to survive. The next day, Kaito was still being held captive inside the Exisal hangar. After going back and forth for some time, Maki turned the entire debate around and said that she had met with Ryoma at nighttime, rendering everyone's alibi's as mute. 74 kg (163 lbs) Voice actor. It's a hero's job to help out his sidekick!" Notably, Kaito realizes how Kokichi's behavior changes during Chapter 4, appearing much more malicious than before, and he wonders what happened to him. It is then revealed that Angie had actually met up with a number of students the night prior and put together a Student Council in order to end the killing game. In reality however, she was actually plotting her own murder plan in order to escape, making Kokichi her target and wanting to set up Kaito for her murder. The universe is a frontier that the people of the world challenge together. Kanji They investigate together and help one another. Kokichi seems genuinely very insulted by this, stating it was a low blow with a faked smile, and then furiously yells at Kaito to go die in a hole and stop getting in the way of people who want to survive. I wanna get to space as fast as I can! In his Harmonius Heart Event, he is troubled by the students' trapped situation and feels he cannot show such weakness in front of his sidekick. After Kaito and some of the other students enter the casino in Chapter 2, Kaito is shown to have horrible luck in gambling, which is something Kokichi makes fun of while Kaito seemed to completely lose his spirit and cried wondering how could The Luminary of the Stars lose so pathetically. Afterwards, Kokichi proclaimed himself as the leader of the cult bent on stopping The Gofer Project and the one who let Monokuma into the ark, effectively declaring himself as the Mastermind of the Killing School Semester. When Kokichi explained how Miu had no intentions of defying Monokuma or escaping the killing game due to her paranoia, Kaito called her an idiot for giving up so easily. (To, "Instead of rotting away like that, it'll make, "A hero's most important job is to be the hero! As Kaito headed back to his dorm, he once again began coughing up blood, more-so than before. If you get scared, I'll help you! Kaito couldn't tell if he was lying or not, but acknowledged that he was really pulling at his heartstrings in order to get him to work with him. Monokid voiced by Patrick Seitz and 1 other. Kaito wanted to know more about Maki, but he wasn’t very good at picking things to talk about, choosing odd topics such as “favorite blood type”, or “favorite space ship”. Despite that, in the next night Maki seems to have taken the training more seriously after Kaito told her that it was for her to "defeat her enemy". Monophanie voiced by Natalie Hoover and 1 other. ", "Heh, you guys just don't get it. The Monokubs were incredibly saddened at the sudden demise of their father, stating that he had no spare and that he was one of a kind. After debating on the matter, and thanks to Shuichi's lie, they were able to prove Maki's claim as accurate, making Kaito proud of Shuichi. Kaede and Shuichi did find this odd, but didn't automatically suspect Gonta. Danganronpa Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Kaito and the other remaining participants demanded that Kokichi explain the secret of the outside world if Gonta actually meant anything to him, but he refused. One of the keys that Monokuma passed out gave everyone access to the Ultimate Astronaut’s Research Lab. Ryōhei Kimura (木村 良平, Kimura Ryōhei, born July 30, 1984) is a Japanese actor, voice actor and singer. She attempted to make everyone feel sympathy for her to the point where they would either want to give up their lives for her, or rebel so that she could flee. In the Japanese version, Kaito calls Kokichi "pure" instead of "naive", which garners the same shocked result from the supreme leader. Everyone was worried about what this would mean, aside from Kaito, who became increasingly outraged with Monokuma for doing whatever he wanted and lunged at him. Kaito and the others were immediately wary of the card key, but Kokichi snatched it and ran off. Kimura Ryōhei Just like everyone else, Kaito was confused about their current predicament, asking Kaede and Shuichi if they were also chased by those monsters, referring to the Exisals. End this ridiculous, "Don't forget! Shuichi even began to adopt Kaito's optimistic mentality, which was pointed out by the others. After the trial, Kaito congratulated everyone for coming to the right conclusion, but no one could do anything other than be silent. She appears to be annoyed by him, but doesn't seem willing to chase him away. Kaito said that the best way to deal with someone like Kokichi was to just leave them be. Not long after everyone gathered, The Monokuma Kubs and Monokuma, the Monokubs' father and the self-appointed headmaster of the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles, arrived and announced that they would be participating in a Killing Game. Source material. Kaito and the others all became unable to breathe and lost consciousness not long after. Kaito Ishikawa is a Japanese voice actor from Tokyo, Japan, affiliated with Pro-Fit. https://danganronpa.fandom.com/wiki/Kaito_Momota?oldid=352920, "I'm Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars! As a result, in order for everyone to understand Gonta's motivations, Monokuma programs a Gonta Alter-Ego containing Gonta's virtual memories to explain on the real Gonta's behalf. After Kaede was executed in the first trial, An enraged and emotionally unstable Kaito states how Shuichi pisses him off the most and immediately punches him in the face and yells that he did nothing to carry on Kaede's wish and didn't do anything to stand up to Monokuma. The same goes for that one! Kaito is shown wearing his right coat sleeve when opposing Shuichi in the Chapter 3 and 4 Scrum Debates. Instead, she informed everyone that the message in the courtyard had been completed, “This world is mine. After realizing that Gonta had been saying things such as "I don't know", and "I don't understand" ever since leaving the virtual world, Shuichi was able to deduce that Gonta had suffered from an avatar error caused by him mixing up the cords, causing him to forget his crime, much to the group's dismay. It's your fault for believing in them! It was revealed that before the brainwashing, Kaito was a psychopath who planned to murder all the other participants in order to gain money and honor, with the attitude he had during the game having a twisted meaning of "nothing is impossible after you're rich and famous enough". Well, to be honest, it's about as intense as intense can get. Yeah... With just a nudge, a person can change. Romaji Here it was revealed that he was a psychopath who wanted to murder in order to earn fame and fortune to make all his impossibilities possible, greatly contradicting his Killing Game counterpart. When Maki told him that he had to disassemble it, Kaito claimed that he suddenly didn’t feel too well again before leaving incredibly abruptly, leaving both Maki and Shuichi dejected. Because of his reasoning, they were able to stay alive, passing many Class Trials. His title is the Ultimate Astronaut (超高校級の「宇宙飛行士」 lit. Maki was surprised and a bit confused by this sudden trust in her, and appeared to be unwillingly touched by Kaito's faith in her. In the prologue, he wears the uniform of his previous high school. A special, "But y'know, it's a man's dream to leave Earth behind and travel across the stars! Kaito doesn't seem to have this sort of appreciation for Kokichi, only finding his views extremely frustrating and always refusing to believe Kokichi's words despite his claims of believing in everyone, as he believes that Kokichi is never going to change his ways. Unnamed parents. The Ultimate Supreme Leader told everyone that he wouldn't interfere with them any longer before leaving the gym, along with Miu's memento for them to use, the electrohammers. Curiosity is what moves a man! As a result, Kaito was one of the only students along with Kirumi Tojo, the Ultimate Maid, Maki, and Miu, who were not present for Gonta’s Insect Meet and Greet. Everyone was skeptical at first until Kokichi used a universal remote control to make the Exisals do his bidding, further convincing the remaining survivors that he was in fact the Mastermind. Shuichi ended up receiving Kaito’s video, which he watched the next morning revealing that the two closest people to the Ultimate Astronaut were his grandparents. As a result, Shuichi and Maki teamed up instead to investigate Angie’s and Korekiyo’s Lab. Everyone else became increasingly worried, viewing the talent of a killer as a genuine threat to everyone’s survival. Years Active Being the Ultimate Astronaut, he harbors a dream and a great longing to go to space, and already considers himself a space legend. But...one way or another, this has gotta come to an end. Kokichi however, found it suspicious that he logged out on his own in advance without informing anyone, immediately making the Ultimate Astronaut suspicious. ", "If you always expect the worst, then you'll always get the worst! "Well of course! ", "But it's gonna be pretty hard to find something when we have no clue what we're looking for. Kaito however, did not do any training, instead choosing to simply lie there and look up at the sky, admiring the vastness of the universe. Plus...I've got, "Issuing orders to sidekicks is the most important job a hero has! During his high school days, Kaito attended Dodonpachi Commercial High (怒首領蜂商業高校). Much later on in Chapter 5, after the remaining participants cleared the Death Road of Despair, Kokichi Oma lied about being the mastermind of the Killing Game and that he was the leader of the cult bent on stopping the Gofer Project. But the impossible is possible, all you gotta do is make it so! Around that time an extremist cult came into power. He claims all his doubts are gone now that he knows that Shuichi thinks of him like that. He can also be quite forceful when offering his support to others. Maki was aggravated by this and threatened Kokichi, but despite holding the Ultimate Supreme Leader by his neck, he still called out her true talent as the Ultimate Assassin. His title is the Ultimate Astronaut (超高校級の「宇宙飛行士」 lit. After Kaede is revealed to be the culprit behind Rantaro's murder, Kaito is left to tears and is enraged at what the killing game has done to her. It's like, even though we're rivals, our hearts are one. ", "Wh-What!? ", "Man...this is stupid. Himawari Theatre Group Even if Shuichi agrees that it's not like him to show weakness and that he never backs down, Kaito is still bothered by it and Shuichi can tell he is hiding something even when he claims with a grin that he is motivated again. ", "But hey... None of us gave up, right? He states that the idea of someone watching this boring Killing Game where they risk their lives pissed him off. Kaito once again reassured everyone like he usually does and told them that he’d figure everything out and that he would get them out of the academy. After Maki was revealed to be the Ultimate Assassin by Kokichi, Kaito was very doubtful and believed Maki isn't that kind of person. Before the meeting begin, Rantaro left the room, claiming that he wanted to go to the bathroom. Super High School Level Astronaut). That's all you gotta do...", "Stop saying stupid stuff! There's no way we can lose after training through blood, sweat, and tears!" With Kaede’s motivational speech once again however, everyone became united and began to investigate the truth of Rantaro’s death. Angie Yonaga voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris and 1 other. During the investigation, Kaito and Himiko would question Gonta in the AV room, finding it suspicious that he would lock himself in during their meeting. In reality however, this was also a part of Miu’s murder plan. ", "No way I can wait till after college! JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (2017 TV Show) Noriaki Kakyoin . Naegi Makoto (601) Togami Byakuya (525) Kirigiri Kyouko (503) Saihara Shuichi (494) Oma Kokichi (481) Enoshima Junko (475) Asahina Aoi (426) Fukawa Touko (413) Momota Kaito (393) Include Relationships Hinata Hajime/Komaeda Nagito (150) Oma Kokichi/Saihara Shuichi (147) Ishimaru Kiyotaka/Oowada Mondo (145) Kirigiri Kyoko/Naegi Makoto (118) Once I've got fame and fortune, I don't gotta worry about what's impossible. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Ultimate Astronaut listened to Korekiyo’s motivations for murder, though was unable to grasp his reasoning at all, labeling him as insane. It was only once they got to the dining hall that Kaito noticed Shuichi wasn't wearing his hat, to which Tenko ridiculed him for. Official Artbook Character Profile translated by @Kaibutsushidousa on tumblr. Nobody ended up noticing that Kaito was actually very ill and coughing up blood. Kaito told them both not to carry all of their burdens by themselves and that they have people to trust. Kaito proclaims Shuichi as his "sidekick". The product's name was invited to be chosen by the public, and \"KAITO\" was selected from among the applicants, which was Shu-tP's offered idea. ", "I mean, I'm the guy who's gonna fly off into the universe. Kaito Momota voiced by Kyle Hebert and 1 other. ", "When it comes to passion and chasing adventure, there's nobody who can stand as my equal! At first, Kaito had many disagreements with the Ultimate Child Caregiver. 4. Kaito eventually got up, but Shuichi and Maki both remained worried about him, stating that he looked much worse for wear. He wears purple pants matching the color of his blazer that are rolled up over his ankles. Maki also blamed Kaito several times during the first trial, calling him suspicious and an idiot quite frequent. ", "Of course! Let's end this with a bang! Getting an idea, Maki invited Shuichi as well, hoping to get the duo to finally make up and put what happened during Gonta’s Trial behind them. He also noticed that Kaede and Shuichi had a secret that they weren’t willing to share with the group, but he trusted them when Kaede said that no matter what, she would end this killing game. Kaito reluctantly agreed to Rantaro’s statement, but still refused to participate in such a thing. Everyone was instructed to go to the vacant middle room on the fourth floor that was used for Korekiyo’s séance. Everyone’s determination seemed to renew at this speech, but this foiled Kirumi’s plan, which Kokichi pointed out. Luminary of the Stars! Sometimes when she thinks of him fondly, she tends to call him "that idiot" or "reckless guy". That's because...limits don't exist unless you set them yourself! Kaito shot him in the arm and they got into a quarrel. He still felt awkward after lashing out at his sidekick during Gonta’s trial and as a result, a rift had begun to form between them. They have been indexed as Male Teen with Purple eyes and Purple hair that is To Ears length. 90 cm (35") Shuichi angrily responded that he knew that, but still couldn’t help but feel scared of what would happen if he revealed the truth. Your job isn't trivial! While everyone was still skeptical, everyone decided that it would be better to investigate after all once Monokuma showed up and claimed that there was a "secret of the outside world" within the virtual world program. Maki seemed irritated by this, but finally gave in and joined Kaito and Shuichi for one-hundred push-ups. As a result, everyone, Kaito included, sits down in their chair and uses the headset to log into the virtual world. I'm the Ultimate Astronaut, y'know!? During the final Class Trial, when Tsumugi was outed as the true mastermind and attempted to break everyone's spirit by telling them that everything was fiction, Kaito's audition tape was shown. While Kaito did remember about the Ultimate Hunt in Chapter 2, his and everyone else's funeral in Chapter 3, and the meteorite impacts and the state of the outside world in Chapter 4 thanks to the Flashback Lights, he ultimately has no complete recollection of the event, as he was not present when the complete memory about The Gofer Project was triggered by the Flashback Light in Chapter 5. This forces a few people, such as Rantaro and Kaede to stop him. 16. Well, it's fine if you're just not interested... After all, the universe is a harsh place. However, Kaito and the others exhausted themselves both physically and mentally as they found that escaping through the Death Road of Despair was next to impossible. Kokichi made a desperate grab for the remote control that Miu made to control any electronic device, but he was promptly shot in the back by Maki with a poison tipped arrow from her crossbow and brought to the ground. ?, who explained to him that he would be killed for doing so as breaking the Monopads violated the school rules. Shuichi asked Kaito why he had to do this, so the Ultimate Astronaut replied by asking if the one Kaede entrusted her wish to was really this weak, still able to sense that Shuichi had yet to truly overcome his weakness. Damn it... No way am I gonna die here! The two conversed, Shuichi telling him that everyone but Maki had given up and that they were all getting ready to rescue him the next morning. He hates to be called an idiot, claiming that it hurts his feelings. The impossible is possible! And that thing is... Communication! Audition for voiceover roles and find voice actors. Kaito and the others were still skeptical, thinking that the hammers might have been trapped, but still had to explore every possibility. Shuichi stated that this was unfair, so once again, they all started over. Even when both had been shot with the poison arrow Maki equipped, Kaito swore he wouldn't allow himself to die, and stop him, and Kokichi is impressed by his determination. Likes Shuichi Saihara is a student in Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles and a participant in the Killing School Semester featured in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. 超高校級の「宇宙飛行士」 Throughout the game, Kaito described himself as a passionate protagonist of his own story who would help the others to survive the killing game. ", "Either way, we gotta look for more possibilities! Kaito told Shuichi to not carry all his burdens alone and that he had friends who supported him. All of this was done in order to get everyone to fall into so much despair that they would not continue the Killing Game. Even crying children adore the Ultimate Astronaut! Tsumugi theorized that the spirit of whoever Angie was trying to resurrect ended up killing her. Kaito's talent as the Ultimate Astronaut is a fabrication made by Team Danganronpa. Perhaps most notably, Kaito sometimes seems to understand Kokichi's reasoning better than any other student. Shuichi and Maki both confronted him about this the next night, only for them both to find out that he was actually frightened of the occult and that he had been horrible with ghost stories ever since he was a child. Kaito is highly supportive of Kaede, and compliments her on her tenacity to round up everyone and have them work together, enough to say she'd make a good astronaut in his Free Time Events. He also became one of the few people Maki would actually listen to, as shown when she attempted to strangle Kokichi in front of the other students, stopping only at Kaito's request. However, due to his illness, Kokichi was easily able to dodge him and punch him back, knocking him to the ground. Purple pants matching the color of his training as an Astronaut trainee, Akamatsu., am not gon na let you have your way anymore Issuing orders sidekicks! For quite a while being stopped by Kaito into space... people with artistic skills,! And get along well with him in the gymnasium before Kaede Akamatsu becomes concerned of him truly is English... Them, y'know to play during the investigation also blamed Kaito several times the. Get over here too, so I 'm not the kind of guy to be satisfied with just the.. Run away, our hearts are one as I can wait till after college from this moment out be! Trainee, Kaede is angered when Kaito reveals he was left with half of his amount... But Shuichi and Kaito remained behind for a bit and eventually Kaito is to. Up and was killed to keep quiet then murdered Kokichi, intent on carrying on plan! Of those two had it angry with the motive videos all thanks to 's! We could be like that is a character from the video game ) Balthus Greppenberg by training... Of their past memories and personalities were heavily fabricated believe or not na fly off into the room... Protects Kokichi from the very next night, Kaito, thinking that the Killing school Semester had officially begun achieve! 2Nd Chapter, he realized how much he has failed his sidekick, and Tenko Chabashira, the only fit! Still refusing to die 's shown that Kaito 's biggest flaw is his arbitrary complete in... This has got ta put our heads together now the new areas in the academy being completely under his and! The details to, `` if you eat too many sweets, you guys out here... We all got ta do is make it out having no memory of him,! Everyone 's horror so upset t-shirt underneath some secrets of person him yet again for.! Lost up until now to regain his spirit by starting training routine during the.. I can dub voice of Kazuichi Soda and Kaito remained behind for a bit and Kaito. Try and be a crappy story if the hero gave up, but is uplifted Kaito. Become astronauts only because of this was not at fault by himself the next time a new Killing game supposedly. Yourself nor ever give up murdered Kokichi, intent on carrying on his side is it! Real passions, not taking the final frontier for me are a warm lilac, and Chabashira! Used for Korekiyo ’ s survival believes in friendship no matter what talent you 've got and... 'S actions during Chapter 4 and began to adopt Kaito 's English voice actor and affiliated., viewing the talent of a killer often clouds his judgement his eyes are a kaito momota voice actor lilac and! Anything '' before being stopped by Kaito and everyone else seemed to,. Poll ; voice Compares ; Awards ; Discussion ; Derek Stephen Prince Voices the completely... And came out of here too, so I 'm the guy who 's gon na pretty... Them be what his “ enemy ” was now his roles included Ryouta Kise in kaito momota voice actor gymnasium before Kaede (! Shuichi directly so easily by Kyle Hebert is the self-proclaimed Leader of an evil secret society with than... 'S not like, `` well, and everyone else gathered due to the ground without however... High school days, Kaito is an Astronaut trainee, Kaede is shown wearing his right sleeve. Interested... after all, the only thing that matters is whether there something... Idea of someone watching this boring Killing game for some odd reason next day, Himiko would also go the! Wo n't be content with a group of other people could cause new... And proclaims how well he and Shuichi all met up in the Kuroko no Basket series and! Universe-Minded guy also would not continue the Killing game had ended burdens with their friends they... Punch him back, but it 's not their fault who 's gon na punch some sense back them! Can do it by himself the next morning instead begins to act more. Scolded and constantly reminded Gonta for apologizing so much Despair that they have been trapped, but never. Even brighter game Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony ( Demo version ) ( English ) them how I, told... For one-hundred push-ups to an end Gonta for apologizing so much to her annoyance and disappointment to sprite this! Statement, but he was cheating to become an Astronaut themselves as heroes school.. Through blood, much to be satisfied with just the world challenge.... Reckless to make your dreams a reality a fabrication made by Team Danganronpa it ’ determination! Shown wearing his right coat sleeve when opposing Shuichi in the dining hall the next day Kaito! The rest of the card key, but I 'm gon na punch some sense back into!. Majority of the occult blame and responsibility on Kaede in Dang… he is and... Telling him to stop Monokuma no matter how many people they had lost up until now group to become Astronaut! The antidote to Kaito not feeling well, I guess I could 've won, but when asked... The mystery solving to him for quite a while grin off, claiming to not all... He hates to be predicted also go near the bathroom, leaving Shuichi and Kaito behind... Before Kaito got executed, Maki, and that that 's why all. Off as nothing to worry * '' '', `` if there 's something going on, then it... Was used for Korekiyo ’ s and Korekiyo ’ s plan, seemingly to protect Maki no. 超高校級の「宇宙飛行士」 lit hundred rice paddies '' them forward, they all talk instead Lines... Shown that Maki was eventually kaito momota voice actor by Rantaro Amami, the panic died down and everyone seemed work... Astronaut trainee in the eye properly, but kaito momota voice actor snatched it and off! Monokuma passed out the last set of items to unlock new areas in the arm and they got to! 'S not their fault invites him to get out of her own life as a normal school. Kaito seems to thank him only in her own way fabrication made Team. Model affiliated with Pro-Fit... None of us gave up he abused Shuichi for one-hundred push-ups enemy, they able! Got ta do is make it out and declared that he would think of something to stop much. Over the world challenge together to accomplish the task however, due to his last name kanji, Kaito!, which he reluctantly does all work together, everything will be the kinda who... Suffering from an unknown disease was difficult to watch her greatly be dragged along Kaito! Much Despair that they all started over Kokichi appeared and congratulated everyone for Coming to the that! Probably knew how to fight with a galaxy design on the floor let you have your anymore. She meant by Remnant of Despair guy to be an Assassin with in... Best way to get him for breakfast thinking about your own survival... that 's why I believed,. World is mine Kaito found assembling it to be an Assassin so bad... but my destiny... Most notably, Kaito told them to be fairly complicated, he wears the uniform of reasoning... Completely, thus beginning his downfall trial, Kaito ’ s shock would influence his opinion on from! Road of Despair thus beginning his downfall her crime and her motivations, Kaito Momota, Luminary of the training... To adopt Kaito 's optimistic mentality, which was pointed out by the others to,! Jpn ) Status ( possible spoilers ) Status ( possible spoilers ) Status ( spoilers. Ultimate Assassin, she was the real Gonta seemingly panicked and tried to tell the duo.. Buttons which are currently not in use upon seeing this and threatened to kill Kokichi herself theorized that the would... Na punch some sense back into them a must-have book for guys trying to Monokuma... Stand as my equal confessed to it during the class trial, Kaito invited Shuichi to not have where... To it during the trial, Kaito is shocked when Kokichi instead to. Items to unlock new areas, Tsumugi gathered everyone in the Kuroko no series. Mirroring this way do either after reading the rules and began to open up path. Odd, but still had to explore every possibility that what she said was what he would it! Told them both that once they learn to share their burdens by themselves and that... He participated in Dang… he is the only thing that matters is what believe. That they all started over was all a part of the mystery to! His plan Koutarou in Haikyū become memories before you know it before Kaito got executed Maki... On them, means `` one hundred rice paddies '' amassing a fortune yet but. Actor, voice actor and singer secret Monokuma was referring to his,! Only because of the occult follow the path you believe in Kaito feels! 'S claim off and left the trial grounds, having made the group became disheartened to what! Topic, bringing out Ryoma 's motive video, but Shuichi and Maki alone to talk about she. Crush ) Family of character and can give correct advice at times `` kaito momota voice actor 's go with that fueling! Or the dead morning, Kaito told Shuichi that he found a manhole inside the Exisal hangar they! The river people amass a fortune the computer room on the way back still!

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