Thanks for making my day!! The darker the lettuce, the more nutritious it is. But she also notes that one of the problems of lettuce is that it served raw; cooking kills bacteria, which is one reason we do it. It promotes a vegan diet as a cure for disease and I asked myself, "Wait a sec. I think it's only 3% fat. Everyone says it's so bad, including all our family doctors and pediatricians. Ever tried kale chips? I've heard people wax poetic about their love of cheese, pork whatever. I reintroduced iceberg lettuce (in addition to my other lettuces & greens) to our household because: I need some fried chicken to sooth me. Then we move back to a burb of Chicago, and I had to drive an hour to an ethnic market to find my lard! Ruhlman, my boy, fried chicken sounds like an outstanding follow-up to this post. Fat...A very necessary component/ingredient in everyday life. Accordingly, you should avoid giving it to your pet entirely. (It probably has the fat break-down on the nutrition info label.) I took her advice with a hefty grain of salt. Lettuce is a food item while fat is a nutrient in food items. People were shoveling cases of those things into their gullets thinking (or not) that it wouldn't make them fat. So, do I need to give up my grassfed beef now?" If you are curious about how to keep lettuce fresh, how long lettuce can be stored, or typical signs of lettuce going bad, we got you covered. Thanks for this post, because it pisses me off, too. Too much fat makes you fat. Usually the fat free stuff is so laden with chemicals that it is slowly killing the person eating the stuff. Lettuce is a healthy leaf vegetable. Well, I'm here to make you wise. While I don't think humans should have ever started eating grains and processed vegetable oils, the best article on the goodness of fat (lard, specifically) was written on Dr. Mary Dan Eades blog. I just needed to read something that made me feel sane again. (You could try oatmeal or cream of buckwheat instead of cereal). I love salads (with nice full fat dressings!) About author Steven. The Bottom Line: Leafy greens are great for you, and you should be eating more of them! I'll just have 1 cookie instead of 4. Go for it. If lettuce is the only thing you eat, you will get sick, you’re going to have serious health issues. The more greens you eat, the healthier you’ll be. I shop at the farmers market and the natural section of my Kroger. 10/15/08 10:17 AM: James wrote: > I know it's basically water and not much else but am I better off > … Think for yourself. Fat is right. You may be able to see brown spots in a spoiled bag of lettuce. Let’s discuss this topic thoroughly. This is a great post! The lettuce will have that nasty, rotten smell if it has gone bad. Boom! Eat a balanced diet, which as far as I’m concerned, includes fried chicken once every few months for its [...], [...] with its credit to no-fat and low-fat products. The refrigerated variety may be stabilized with BHA/BHT (which sound like scary acronyms but are harmless at the the micro-amounts used), but will not be hydrogenated. i was told lettuce is bad for your body....they said it actually expands your somach or something like that and i was jus wondering if it was true??? These are just a few ideas — get creative! The human body knows how to process that stuff. It has comparatively fewer nutrients than other greens you may find in salads and other foods. Fat doesn't kill people - stupid people who eat too MUCH fat kills people. Thank you! Why is it so hard to figure a way to live live in moderation? I maintain that there are no foods that are either good bad (exceptions for allergies), but for any food there amounts that are good and amounts that are bad. Salads are a great way to pack in the nutrients without packing on the pounds. Vitamins A, D, E, and K are only soluble in fat. And don’t get me started on the fat-free labels processed food companies put on their packages that imply, everywhere we look, the falsehood that fat is bad. It’s made up of 95 percent water and contains only small amounts of fiber and minerals. You may wonder if you can freeze lettuce. Maybe it's because we've come so insanely far from what is natural to us as humans (with processed, factory-farmed "food", for example) that we've lost touch with generations of dietary traditions and knowledge. I suggest pure organic virgin coconut oil like the gold label stuff from, but I would cut out the cereal. And fat -- you mark my words -- will not only save our health, but that other malfunctioning arterial system called the USA.". dietary regimen. Romaine lettuce is high in fiber and low in calories—generally a good ratio for a food to have—but it's also a solid source of essential vitamins and minerals. Your dog my end up playing with it, or s/he could actually eat it. Didn't stop to look at the sugar content. . , This article sounds more of a rant than an actual article. Hell yes! In an angry, but unrelated blog posting this week, Michael Ruhlman, a respected food writer and cookbook author, went thermonuclear on people who argue that fat is [...], [...] The Hidden Health Hazards of Lettuce < Main Low-Carb Diets Forums & Support > Low Carb Health & Technical Forums > Candida Yeast & IBS Is lettuce bad for you? To say fat is bad for you is to do without vitamins A D E K. This is the article I was reading immediately before this one. I feel great and enjoy food! Since e.coli is a gut bacteria, it gets into water and soil from animal (and human) feces. As in, YES, this shit also drives me crazy. If you buy, non-homogenized, cream top milk, you can see for yourself how much is in there and can even skim a little off if you want. You are SO right. *shiver*. And of course whatever it says in big, bold, neon letters on the package that our brought-to-you-by-Monsanto food comes in. Of course, fresh rendered lard is the best, but finding a good source can be tough. Stocking up on lettuce is never a good idea. I cook foods in butter, drink whole milk, and never trim the fat off steak. They cook in minutes, so getting it to the table couldn’t be easier. Sprouting onions and potatoes are also fine, just cut away the sprouts. Thank you! For instance, Romaine and Iceberg lettuce are light green to yellow and Radicchio lettuce tends to be mild to strong purple color. 0. While traditionally salads have been considered a before-dinner treat, you can still enjoy a nutritious bowl of salad after your meals to prevent snacking on unhealthy cookies and eating too many calories. But if you’ve already bought more than you need, you need to know how to go about that. Perhaps if our government outlawed fake fats and sugars, chicken washed with ammonia, cows with hormones and antibiotics, and the overly heavy use of salt instead of different spices, ALONG with some common sense and self education of the American public, we'd cut the cost of health care and instances of disease such as diabetes and heart disease. They play a significant role in decreasing our risk of diabetes because of their fiber and magnesium content, which in turn helps your metabolism and overall nerve and muscle function. Is Lettuce Safe for Dogs? So, go ahead and sear that chicken skin-on in bacon grease, but leave off the breading. Lettuce is not bad for you, but e.coli is, and some lettuce has been contaminated. You may register by clicking here, it's free! iceberg is the lettuce that seems to get the most flack and the least amount of kudos. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Check with a good butcher for fresh, rendered lard or at least for pork fat that you can render yourself very easily at home. You could eat 20 cups of shredded lettuce and consume about 80 to 200 calories, depending on the type of lettuce. If you eat a lot of lettuce, try to stay up-to-date on recalls issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). I wish people would stop waiting for the miracle food or diet to help them lose the extra weight and just realize the solution has been in their face (or fridge, or pantry) all along. It's no wonder that weight seemed like the biggest struggle for the longest time. When stored improperly, lettuce wilts and rots quickly. On the positive side, lettuce is filling and great for weight loss. I wish my family would understand this concept- my sister was just looking for coconut oil *in a pill form* because she read that it's healthy to eat, but she is so anti-fat she is grossed out by the concept of eating it, even cooking with it. Thank you. Or, buy frozen organic spinach in those little bricks — they are perfectly portioned for an evening’s meal with leftovers the next day. While I completely agree, I will argue that many chefs and "foodies" rely on fat because of their mantra "fat is flavor". If you ate six Big Macs a day, you would also die. Anyone out there think the time has come to question the validity of current labeling laws? It’s made up of 95 percent water and contains only small amounts of fiber and minerals. thank you... from a dietitian who whole-heartedly agrees. Thank you! While it might look unappetizing, you can still eat it safely. Calories: 49. Who knew that an article about Lettuce could be so educational and entertaining at the same time? to the animal fat demonization people out there. Better yet, let's talk about pan-fried chicken! There is only one wheat flour and one salt that is absolutely corn-free and fruit is very hard to come by. That's not plastic. Eating when you’re not hungry makes you fat! Lettuce is a delicate vegetable. If you’re stuck on the mild taste of iceberg lettuce, I would recommend you switch to romaine. “Fat isn’t bad, stupid is bad.” (Ruhlman) [...], [...] A good read from chef Michael Ruhlman, who argues that eating fatty food is not the problem, it’s eating too much food, period -The Hidden Health Hazards of Lettuce. Whereas I have too much lard, as it comes with the pastured pig I buy in bulk. Now we base our decisions on the over-simplified results of the latest bought-and-paid-for nutrition research. A good source of dietary fiber, manganese, potassium, biotin, vitamin B1, copper, iron, and a range of other vitamins, lettuce is most definitely a staple of a healthy diet. When was last time you heard a nutritionist warning you about the dangers of lettuce? So you can imagine my disappointment when, last week, I heard author Jo Robinson trash bagged lettuce on Fresh Air. The short answer is NO, only if you wish to make some salad and end up with a thawed out leaves. Michael,thank you! You can also try opening the bag. Added in a lot more protein and fat, now I'm actually full after a meal. Short answer. YES!!!!! Not necessarily. Can't feel full unless you have some fat in your meal. Along with exercise, (only 30 minutes a day) portion control and balance intake. Imagine that! Stupid is bad." Dieting is not the solution - eating well is. Because the media bombards us with the simplistic message that Fat Is Bad For You, and it pisses me off. Drives me insane... don't we know by know that fat has nothing to do with it?? Lettuce isn't bad for you. The quick litmus test is to check the nutritional info for trans-fats; there shouldn't be any. I've been eating more vegetables, and smaller portions of meat, but still drinking wine and eating fried chicken and such. Lettuce wilts as it begins to go bad, becoming increasingly limp and shriveled. The five healthiest types of lettuce that you can eat are listed below. Is this true, or is it now more common to find less manipulated lard in a regular grocery store? Steven is the guy behind SmallPetJournal. I'm happy that someone with your influence writes what I've been thinking all along. To further the point, many of us have either personally visited another country or know someone who has. DEEP FRIED CHICKEN! b.) So while iceberg lettuce is low in calories and definitely not bad for you, it’s not that good either. And love every bite of it! (You might go and find plenty of items that appear to be corn-free but they will contain hidden corn from the manufacturing or packaging processes like baby carrots washed in citric acid, apples coated with corn wax and cheese dusted with cornstarch so it won't stick to the package. Lard...? "Lardy, Lardy, When Will They Learn?" Then you might want to share it with your feline friend. Live it and love it. I love your phrase “Fat isn’t bad, stupid is bad.”...sums it up perfectly. (Don't believe me? All rights reserved, TELL 'EM LIKE IT IS, Son!! Hells yeah, let's talk about fried chicken! Because lettuce is grown in the dirt ,which can be fertilized with manure containing intestinal bacteria such as E. coli, if the lettuce is harvested improperly or not cleaned well, the bacteria can cause you to become ill. For this reason, it is important to thoroughly wash all the iceberg lettuce you eat, even if the label states it has been pre-washed. Lettuce is mostly water, so it wouldn't be hard to digest in the slightest. You need it. Here are a couple tips: Start every dinner with a salad — and switch it up! Is iceberg lettuce bad for you? You have to stick to a effective and moreover proper For a while after we found safe raw goat milk, we made vanilla ice cream every single night and we still lost weight! How so? However fat can be found in a nutrient positive setting by eating whole foods like avocados, nuts, seeds and eggs. What type of oil do you guys suggest I mix into my cereal lol? Which might explain while I can only eat 1 cupcake if I used butter in the recipe, whereas if the recipe is low fat, I can put down...more than I'll admit. All it takes is one slip up for e. coli or salmonella or whatever to not get properly rinsed in the factory, then distribute the pathogen via shredding or whatever into XX bags of premixed salad and hundreds of people are really sick. It's never happened. I started a weight loss program about a month ago. Now, did I mention that we eat whatever we want to cook (and can find the ingredients) and we all lost weight when we removed corn from our diet? It's the Swiss Army knife alternative to lettuce. ... and this is really really key, cooked by you or by some you know, preferably where you or they live.". If I keep the grease from my really nice local bacon in the pan and use it to cook my eggs later it is a qualitative AND quantitative difference from MCGiantCorporation taking chemically cracked oils from genetically engineered corn and force injecting them into the surface of potatoes scrubbed with chemicals and then frying them en masse and handing me twice as many as I need for a buck or two. I LOVE this post. Lettuce happens to be one of the major ingredients in most salads and burgers, and when you consider how nutritious lettuce is, you’ll understand why. Context is everything when it comes to diet & health. Iceberg lettuce isn’t as bad for you as you may think. So while iceberg lettuce is low in calories and definitely not bad for you, it’s not that good either. Photo © 2012 Donna Turner-Ruhlman. I'm thinking of learning to make soap. If you as a pet owner happen to like lettuce. If all you ate was lettuce, lettuce would be bad for you. Now I am hungry for a deep-fried caesar salad. If you liked this post on Lettuce the Silent Killer, check out these other links: © 2012 Michael Ruhlman. No fat people in our immediate family. Red leaf lettuce is nutrient-dense, meaning that it’s high in a … But most of the food they supply is garbage-processed-man-made-junk food. that those supplies unlikey favours possible but rather exacerbates the result much more, [...] Health Hazards of Lettuce | Michael Ruhlman [...], [...] in fried chicken than in baked skinless breast, but not all that much. Ah, yes! Different varieties of lettuce have distinct colors. Michael, I always want to talk about fried chicken. Read "Good Calories, Bad Calories"- by Gary Taubes. Whoever you heard this stuff from was either giving you misinformation because they're a jerk, or was grossly misinformed. Obviously too much ice cream and too much fat is bad for you. Moderation and smart choices are the important thing ... and there is no such thing as too many fruits and veggies ... Coming of age in the 90s, the message was fat-free is good, eating too many caloric fruits and veggies is bad. So, read on! ew! > I hate it when people say that eating healthy is hard. Identifying Bad Lettuce. 2 of us are actually on the too thin side i personally think. The best are a rainbow of vitamin-rich veggies and provide metabolism-boosting lean protein, non-starchy carbs, and a dose of healthy fat. Wilted lettuce, celery, and leafy greens are usually fine if you take off the outer layers, while the flesh of cucumbers, zucchini, and squash might be perfectly fine once you cut away discolored or imperfect hard skin. - to a nonfat selection in the same brand. If lettuce is the only thing you eat, you will get sick, you're going to have serious health issues. If all you ate was lettuce, lettuce would be bad for you. It’s so easy to work healthy foods, like lettuce, into your diet on a daily basis. "Fat, for lack of a better word, is good. Lettuce Induces Sleep. Thank you for this; the whole cholesterol BS drives me crazy. My advice is go in the opposite direction. Perfect. Amen, and thank you! Lettuce wilts as it begins to go bad, becoming increasingly limp and shriveled. Kind Bar. [...] Every once in a while we choose blogs that we read. But we do live in a culture of fear. While you can feed your pup greens, there are possible risks. Bonus: They even contain a very small amount of omega-3 fats. But there’s not a whole lot of substance to it. But she also notes that one of the problems of lettuce is that it served raw; cooking kills bacteria, which is one reason we do it. ), Need to learn more about sustainable agriculture and other food politics visit. Compare the label of full fat yogurt - if you can find any in your store! Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Would you like us to add you to our newsletter as well? Glad you tackled this topic! Fat is good for your body. These kind of posts are my favourite posts of yours. When we lived in the UK (tiny island off France called Jersey), my local grocery store sold bricks of lard and jars of goose fat right next to the butter. They say it has 70%-80% fat and I shouldn't give it to the kids. Perfectly pointed out in reference to fertility. Yes, it’s calorie dense and yes, for some people, eating a lot of fat can raise their blood cholesterol—not me apparently, thank you mom and dad, grandpa and grandma—which is linked to some serious stuff, heart attacks and strokes. Yes, it's moderation. Sounds like a great thing to put under the noses of an anti-fat teetotaler. As a registered dietitian, I totally agree with you. It gets its name from the fact that the leaves look… When you make a salad with lettuce, you expect it to be a green -- not brown -- side dish. At age 40, I maintain 10% body fat, exercise 3x/week, and don't over eat. Plant in the spring, starting two weeks before frost. Moisture creates the perfect growing spot for bacteria and mold, so don’t eat the lettuce. But yes, you can freeze lettuce if you plan to use it for cooking soup or casseroles and flavoring uses. You just don't need insane amounts of it. Yes, it is about balance and about the discipline to eat a balanced diet. Because fat is good. Thank you for a great read. The rest -- moderate exercise, whole foods, cooking at home -- all good! I keep track of what I eat online and every time someone starts talking about all the "great" fat-free options at their local grocery or brags about how little fat they eat I want to scream, "No, you fool! I'm so tired of everyone getting excited about "sugar- free" and reduced sugar products when it just means it's loaded with aspartame and other chemicals. My hair is torn out. Really? . Also, "Fat isn't bad, stupid is bad" has some t-shirt potential, I think... Great post. There are no miracles cures for good health. And low-fat doesn't mean I don't absorb all those extra calories... Nicely done, MR! The fat is natural; the sugar is natural. I'd look into making it myself, but my wife just had a baby and so I'm operating on a limited quantity of Creative Cooking Points. I actually just got some WIC vouchers for the first time & part of the nutritional assessment includes weighing in and talking to a dietitian. I suspect Black Pepper is also probably as harmless as lettuce too. I have traveled a great deal, and have never heard the phrase, "That (food item) is bad for you". Can Dogs Eat Lettuce Or Is It Bad For Them? Eating a whole bag of Doritos is what makes you fat. Of course, none of the veggies on this list are bad for you, and you won't necessarily be worse off for picking one over another. Because they’ve either done something to it to make up for the fat, like putting sugars in “fat-free” half-and-half, or it’s a product that is naturally fat-free, like Kraft granola bars—there’s not supposed to be fat in them (it's the sugar overload that's bad)! Well said on every count. Eating every morsel of your mile high Cheesecake Factory plate is what makes you fat. They do make for tasty food and an increase in satiety, plus fat is needed for certain vitamin absorption. That's really all. The Truth: Most leafy greens are good for you — but some are better than others. Living Lettuce. That's bologna! The same can even be said of other supposedly evil foods like sugar & carbs. Dark leafy greens — like spinach, arugula, kale, turnip greens, and so many more — have countless health benefits. I grew up in Serbia eating home-rendered lard from healthy, acorn-fed piggies our family friends raised and have always been firmly hitched to the lard wagon, even though I had to ward off many health-obsessed zealots since arriving to the US. But with two dead and many more sickened in the United States and Canada, major health organizations are advising you avoid the stuff.This all began in December, when the Canadian Government warned consumers to avoid romaine … As for fried chicken, the best I ever had was in East Denver in the run-down section of town. Showing 1-78 of 78 messages. Michael, maybe you can solve the mystery of whole milk for me/us? However, I doubt the fat-free preachers are reading your column (or my comment). Right? So. Of course not. is lettuce really bad for you? We don't like to have to think about the food we eat - we just want to buy and eat. Fat is good for you. And since our bodies need fat to process the vitamins and minerals, as well as for insulation and energy, it's safe to say that this vital nutrient does indeed directly contribute a health value. Wrapping Up: Lettuce and Your Guinea Pig. Lettuce is one of our favorite garden vegetables because it is far superior—in both taste and vitamin A content—to the store-bought alternative! If you know of a good source of milk from grass-fed cows, that's the best option, but your kids will probably hate it because it tastes "different.". Here's another point to think about for all those "low-fat" gurus......low-fat foods and vegetable oils would not exist without GMO corn. THANK YOU! I've been thinking about frying chicken (my first try!) Thanks for the big F.U. No, iceberg lettuce is not bad for you. We wonder why people have lived to be 100+, because they are still eating natural fat! Dousing a steak with butter is a sure way to make it tasty but it's also the easy way out, and oftentimes the death of creativity. I actually wrote a paper for my Master's degree on the "demonization of fat" in which I took a historic look at the fat-free trend beginning at the turn of the 20th century. I’ve heard some people say that it has no nutritional value and that you’d be better off eating cardboard. here's hoping the majority in my profession catch on soon. Fat, in all of its forms -- fat from meat, fat from dairy, fat pressed from seeds and nuts -- has marked the upward surge of mankind. Natural, whole foods that you cook yourself aren't bad. I personally never touch the stuff as the add so much stuff along with gluten. You see food in the grocery store labeled fat-free? The film was called A Beautiful Truth. They're probably referring to the percentage of calories from fat in whole milk, whereas the 3% refers to the physical quantity of fat in the milk. Let's start to embrace a practical approach to food. No, not a sudden discovery that lettuce has some nasty toxins! All I can say is, "hallelujah!" Too much of a good thing is a still bad thing. Speaking of common sense, I saw a package of "fat-free" pre-cooked conch fritters in the supermarket today. They add taste and nutrition to our food. Oh... and lightly sweetened ice tea brewed with fresh peppermint leaves from the garden. As I sit here eating my salad with half an avocado in it, I totally agree with you! Is ice cream bad for you? It is almost impossible to find a packaged product that doesn't have some form of corn in the ingredients or in the packaging or manufacturing process (the last two don't have to be labeled). I have to confess that I used lard stealthily to elevate the flavor or braised chicken, chicken livers, and potatoes, only to reveal the big secret once everyone praised the meal. I am allergic to corn so I must seek out purity and quality with no hidden chemicals or additives. Although it’s considered a staple for many classic salads and sandwiches, it has also drawn criticism from nutrition-conscious consumers as other greens like kale and spinach nutrition take center stage.. It can lead to dangerous malnutrition, grave weight loss, and in women, infertility. So why act this irresponsible about eating? Now, about that fried chicken? Identifying Bad Lettuce. When temperatures rise, the plant snaps into maturation mode and bolts — sends out a stalk and flowers. When it comes down to it, the fact makes the food richer. Or that she's just flat-out eating too much? When you cook every single morsel from scratch, sometimes the effort of making something that is totally extraneous just isn't worth it. If you give him too much, it could cause diarrhea, so moderation is important. WTF? I think "Fat isn't bad, stupid is bad" is going to be my new canned response when my one of coworkers comments on my local, organic, hormone-free yogurt from grass-fed, pastured cows by telling me that the their factory farmed, fat-free, aspartame-sweetened "naturally" flavored yogurt is "really better for [me] than all that fat.".

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