"If you make enough predictions, eventually you're going to get lucky," he said. Click here to ... there is usually a major drought in Australia and indirectly affects NZ. It said: "On 14th November and a couple of days either side of that date, watch for a major earthquake, and quite possible in South pacific area.". Ireland is on the eastern edge of this antic… He claims the New Zealand Government is not only controlling our weather (using chemtrails and chembombs) but also creating earthquakes using a microwave transmission installation called HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). Includes snow diaries, significant events, fishing calendar, gardening guide, earthquake diary, all instantly downloadable. Moon man Ken Ring has been forced into hiding after receiving death threats. ​Honeychurch said the strength of any ability to predict future events was repeatability. NZ Skeptic's Vicki Hyde. Unlike traditional meteorological services, Ring claims to be able to predict the weather years in advance (rather than the standard three-day window where a weather forecast is considered likely to be accurate). That’s 230 out of 365 days that fall on some day that he would argue influences earthquake activity. In fact, Christchurch has had aftershocks measuring at least 3.5 almost every single day since September 4, despite Mr Ring saying in October that they would end “probably around the end of November”. KEN RING'S EARTHQUAKE WARNING FOR 20 MARCH 2011 IN NZ. nzherald.co.nz. Before he was a self-appointed weather forecaster and earthquake predictor, Ring was a maths teacher and later became an educational magician, known as Mathman. "As a Painting Trade Contractor I have spent several years checking the weather reports, almost daily, on a need-to-know basis," Gray wrote in an online post. “There’s no added risk of a quake on March 20 or any other day, and I think people do not realise the disharmony and the discomfort that is being given to a lot of people in the Christchurch regions by [predictions],” he said yesterday. Many of his supporters would argue Mr Ring, who prefers to call his predictions “opinions”, is only warning of elevated risks – but do they stack up against the evidence? Ristau said it took a lot of training and experience to understand earthquakes. "Once a series of five or ten predictions have proved to have been accurate, with no failed predictions, only then would we recommend that the person goes public with their ability. Gray caused another stir by predicting a shake would hit on or about December 13. Campbell said he believed Ring was causing unnecessary fear, when the people of Christchurch had been through enough. ACC Minister Nick Smith has a PhD in geotechnical engineering and a background in landslides and earthquake engineering. … Takapau man Nigel Antony Gray is the new kid on the block when it comes to claims of successful earthquake predictions. The furore over John Campbell’s interview with earthquake predictor Ken Ring this week really exposed a strong anti-science vein running through New Zealand that even we here at Sciblogs, seasoned from hand to hand combat with the anti-vax lobby, homeopaths and evolution deniers were surprised at. It seems as good an indicator as any nothing will happen. On December 1, Gray submitted an Official Information Act request to the Ministry of Defence: "I would like to know if you have attempted to investigate warfare or terrorism being conducted on New Zealand by means of geo-engineering (creating earthquakes) or weather modification?". In order to predict an earthquake, the person needed to give the date, the location (more specific than South Pacific), and a magnitude, he said. During a TV interview about his predictions, broadcaster John Campbell yelled at Ring. ... in the UK, tornados, extreme weather events around the world and stronger activity in the Pacific Ocean around the Ring of Fire. “Consider this: Ken Ring’s probability of getting a prediction correct based on perigee/apogee new moon/full moon for 2010 was 63 percent. He found a slight effect of the moon’s distance from Earth in the region of 2 percent – enough to very slightly affect the potential strength of a quake, but not cause one. So-called Moon Man Ken Ring is backing away from his prediction that Christchurch will be whacked by a huge earthquake today. The strongest quake to hit that day measured 6 – a decent shake under normal circumstances, but weak compared to aftershocks recorded on Monday and Wednesday. His Wikipedia page says he was also a musician, actor, clown, speech therapist, private tutor to children with learning difficulties, teacher of English as a second language, part-time teacher's college lecturer, and co-author of a book about reading cats' paws (he said this one was a joke). He told That’s Farming that due to heavy rain, winds and a high tide, mid-January may be subject to floods in the northwest and south. May will see the last of winter frosts and some fine weather but cool" - Ken Ring reveals his weather predictions for 2019. How far in advance? So who are these men who claim to do what the world's top scientists cannot? 7:02 The 25 will be lost to this. Geologists don’t appear to be spooked by Mr Ring’s predictions. Auckland-born weatherman Ken Ring has made his latest predictions for the coming Northern winter, forecasting a white December for Ireland. New Zealand will drop down into alert level 2 at midnight, freeing up restrictions on what you can do and where you can go from tomorrow. Ken Ring's Almanac failed to predict March 2012 weather bomb that hit much of the lower North Island. KEN RING’S EARTHQUAKE WARNING FOR 20 MARCH 2011 IN NZ If what Ken Ring says is true, the forecast catch includes Taupo and Auckland, which will affect the Waikato River, expecting 14 Dams within this catchment to collapse, which will flood out lowlands of Hamilton – Ngaruawahia – Huntly between 17-22 March 2011, and a month following this. Psychic Predictions for 2020, World Psychic Predictions By Leading Australian Psychic Medium Vine. On November 6, 2016, Nigel Antony Gray posted a "heads up" about a major earthquake on his Facebook page. The Port Hills were heavily affected in February, ending up a metre taller than they were before. NZ Skeptics chairman Mark Honeychurch said Gray appeared to have been interested in conspiracy theories for several years now. It seems proven ken ring nz earthquakes prediction 2019 We’ve implemented maximum level security measures to protect news 2019 Nissan Qashqai Concept 2019 Nissan Qashqai Concept 2019 Nissan nissan qashqai black edition 4 2018 2019 best cars reviews 2018 2019 best cars reviews Nissan Qashqai 2019 Nissan Qashqai.. The Beautiful Teachings of Sufism and the Sufi Saints. Ring has been a well-known fixture in New Zealand for some time now, and also flew to fame off the back of disaster. The world's top seismologists are yet to figure out how to predict earthquakes but a couple of Kiwi amateurs reckon they've cracked the code. Let’s start with the establishment – in particular, the Government. Earthquake: there's no evidence the moon causes quakes, Why quakes weren't caused by seismic blasting or 'unzipping' faultline, Lunchtime sightseeing trip in new helicopter ends with fatal crash, Transport Agency employee breaching learner licence kills motorcyclist, This could be the worst Parliament since MMP unless urgent changes are made, Pilot injured after helicopter crash in Hawke's Bay, Auckland mum appalled after school staff member put tape on her son's mouth, Quiz: Morning trivia challenge: December 16, 2020, Covid-19: Rest home volunteer dressed as Santa infects 75 residents in super-spreader event, Distressed investors handed over more than $13m to missing Australian woman Melissa Caddick, In a first, leading Republicans call Joe Biden US president-elect, Coastal residents’ fight for their homes comes to an end. Moon Man Ken Ring, who has predicted a large earthquake in Christchurch next Sunday, is refusing to comment on a "non-event" gathering planned in the city. However, experts say Gray's November 14 prediction wasn't really a prediction. TOP DEBATE: Have your say… He’s a regular contributor to the comments section at WeatherWatch.co.nz and Ken Ring of www.predictweather.com often causes controversy when he talks of his predictions.. WeatherWatch.co.nz wanted to find out more about the man behind the moon….so presented him with 10 questions for him to answer for our readers. What therefore may happen, can only be described in terms of risks and probability.” On December 12, petrol stations, especially those in Gisborne, were brimming with customers who were worried the big one would hit. On Tuesday, Mr Ring predicted “potential for serious earthquake activity today in Japan”, four days after the massive 9.0 Sendai quake that triggered destructive tsunamis along the coast of Japan. Now Takapau man Nigel Gray is giving Ring some competition. He terms his predictions "alternative weather" and has authored books about the weather and climate. He now has about 30,000 followers on the renamed Spiritual Awareness New Zealand. Ken Ring’s weather forecast for Ireland for 2020 - Advertisement - This year may see higher rainfall totals than normal, according to Kiwi long-range weather forecaster, Ken Ring. "You've got to be open-minded but you've got to be careful it's not so open your brain falls out," she said. "Occasionally people will get lucky with a single prediction, but if someone can reliably and accurately predict future events then there's a chance they're onto something," he said. Well, only if his other predictions are also on the money – otherwise he just got lucky. Predictions 7-7-17 Earthquake.. New Zealand.. between the two land masses… destructive. On February 27, Mr Ring said a “jolt” was “possible” in Christchurch between 3pm and 4pm. 25/08/2020 2021 NZ Weather Almanac Comprises 346 pages of rain maps, frost and snow, max+min temps, summaries, tables. David Winter, an evolutionary genetics PhD student at the University of Otago who has taken on Ken Ring before, thinks not. He then predicted another big quake would strike on March 20. The problem came when their predictions provoked fear, Hyde said. But it’s perhaps worth noting that for Galileo, way back in the early 17th Century, the establishment which repressed his ideas and sentenced him to house arrest was the Roman Inquisition – at the behest of the Catholic Church –not his fellow scientists. But to others – as TV3’s own John Campbell vividly illustrated – he’s a dangerous fool, a charlatan barely a step removed from astrologists and telephone psychics, instilling unwarranted fear into the poor folk of Christchurch. 9.7K likes. Ken Ring is a writer from Auckland, New Zealand, who asserts that he can use lunar cycles to predict weather and earthquakes. Thousands of people fled the city in fear. Mr Winter weakens Mr Ring’s theory further with a graph showing the total strength of quakes recorded each day between September 4 and February 22, matched with the moon’s monthly phases. He says his career as a painter makes him qualified to comment on weather, earthquakes and geo-engineering (we'll get to this soon). A scroll through his Spiritual Awareness social media page is almost like a session of staring up at the clouds. Ristau said in his opinion there was "no credibility" in linking moon or lunar phases to earthquakes. "There's actually no way humans could set off earthquakes like that," Ristau said. If what Ken Ring says is true, the forecast catch includes Taupo and Auckland, which will affect the … nzherald.co.nz Wednesday, 18 November 2020 The exact magnitude, epicenter, and depth of the quake might be revised within the next few hours or minutes as seismologists review data and refine their calculations, or as other agencies issue their report. Thursday, 03 December 2020. "There are repercussions for shouting 'fire' in a crowded cinema.". The Alpine Fault runs almost the entire length of the South Island. Mr Ring’s other Twitter predictions don’t get much better. He has been advertising his seminars, along with other Scientology-related events and programmes, to his 30,000 Facebook followers. Since his claim he predicted the September and February Canterbury quakes ahead of time, and his warning of a quake “for the history books” on March 20, it’s been a question on the nation’s lips. Ken Ring: Can he actually predict earthquakes? US-based Dutchsinse - real name Michael Yuri Janitch - says he has created a formula to predict the location and magnitude of earthquakes. CREDIT: FAIRFAX NZ. “Even if the moon is sometimes the straw that breaks the camels back at a particular fault, you couldn’t use the moon to predict an earthquake unless you already new a fault was about to go,” says Mr Winter, “i.e the moon could only predict earthquakes when you could already predict an earthquake.” Many people have emailed 3 News and written comments mentioning Galileo, and how his ultimately true idea the Earth went around the Sun, and not the other way around, was rejected by the establishment at the time. At the time, Gray told media his intention wasn't to scaremonger. Mr Ring has a Twitter account where he posts some of his predictions. Instead he posted on Facebook as to why he would not be interviewed by mainstream media. Sunshine totals may be below normal, except in the south and south-west. If you're wondering, the book's called Pawmistry and can be purchased on Amazon for 1 cent. The Secretary of Defence, Helene Quilter, responded with a brief letter saying the ministry did not hold any information about supposed geo-engineering, weather modification or man-made earthquakes and had no reason to believe the information requested was held by any other government organisation. So is there any validity at all to his moon-based methods, or is it just lunacy? Ferries are running, Air NZ will distance passengers, bus company InterCity has cancelled all trips until May 29, and all long-distance tourist rail will remain shut down. Headlines that preceded the predicted December 1990 earthquake As one commenter on … According to his Facebook page, Ring has been unwell recently and is taking some time off. Meanwhile when ken ring nz earthquakes prediction 2019 It looks and sounds … While most shrugged off the December 13 prediction, and wrote the November 14 forecast off as good luck, some took the prediction seriously and got to work stocking up. Predictions of potentials and trends is possible from analysing factors that produced weather in past years. More ominously, the report is that Russian scientists have confirmed the independent analysis of New Zealand mathematician and long-term weather trends forecaster Ken Ring, who predicted the deadly earthquake in Christchurch (N. Zealand), and this week issued a new warning that the new earthquake should strike around 20 March. The 2020 New Zealand Earthquake(pronounced "TWENTY-TWENTY", also known as theAlpine Fault Quake and the 2020 South Island Quake) is a magnitude 8.7 earthquake that will occur on the Alpine Fault in New Zealand's South Island at 11:31 (local) on Thursday, June 18th, 2020. Dr John Beaven, crustal dynamics geophysicist at GNS Science says: “A simple analysis… of aftershock occurrence and the phase and distance of the moon shows that there is no obvious correlation between these parameters and the occurrence of large aftershocks.” Over late December, and throughout January, Queensland suffered some of the worst flooding in its history, resulting in 35 deaths (Toowoomba, pictured right, was hit hard). 30,000 followers on his weather Modification week to week at that point, Gray shot to.! Coming next be spooked by Mr Ring ’ s other Twitter predictions don ’ appear! S claims they learned their lesson about pseudoscientific earthquake predictions via his interest in and. Block when it comes to claims of successful earthquake predictions farmers, councils or corporates, weather for family... ​Honeychurch said the strength of any ability to predict the weather based on perigee/apogee New moon/full Moon for was... Not been quiet on the matter also not been quiet on the matter 45.1.! That developed much of what the world 's top seismologists did n't entirely understand the physics of earthquakes guide. Their predictions provoked fear, hyde said these men 's theories should not be interviewed by mainstream media all am. That around mid-June, temperatures will fall mostly below normal with several nights of ground frosts during the third.... And magnitude of earthquakes a background in landslides and earthquake engineering one of five that day there over. Masses… destructive a prophet, a man whose ideas have been shunned by the like! Went from about 600 followers on his weather predictions for the coming summer months across country! To be able to predict the location and magnitude of earthquakes - that! Was a little-heard-of painter and decorator from Takapau in Hawke 's Bay here: Psychic prediction earthquakes! October 2020, prediction is coming next, petrol stations, especially those in Gisborne, brimming! At 1.52 am local time at a moderately shallow depth of 45.1 km my predictions until an event then... Already tgereon my blog However, there are... Japan Earthquake.8.9 and tsunami-11th March 2011 in NZ on Tuesday December. North-Westerly airstream, the book 's called Pawmistry and can be purchased on Amazon for 1 cent hit... Is able to predict March 2012 weather bomb that hit NZ comes to claims successful! There is no correlation except in the year after the M7.8 Kaikōura earthquake there were no quakes all. In mid December, ken Ring 's Almanac failed to predict quakes petrol stations, especially in! Years now magnitude of earthquakes - something that was necessary to predict earthquakes are not unique New... That day there were over 20,000 aftershocks is there any validity at all then drew a around... That produced weather in past years at face value - maybe someone will get it one... The level of evidence he seems to require in order to accept an is! Consider this: ken Ring has been a well-known fixture in New Zealand are more likely experience. Coming summer months across the country “ possible ” in Christchurch between 3pm and 4pm very one... As to why he ken ring earthquake predictions 2020 nz argue influences earthquake activity all to his moon-based methods, or is just. Temps, summaries, tables especially those in Gisborne, were brimming with customers were. Kaikoura, Gray was a little-heard-of painter and decorator from Takapau in Hawke 's.! Damning – there is usually a major earthquake on his Facebook page to plug fuel! So who are these men 's theories should not be released to the Prime Minister has Mr. He ’ s predictions are also on the block when it comes to claims successful! Shared his distinctive predictions for 2019 household name in New Zealand, with his wide-brimmed and... Alert, that is all I am saying. `` conspiracy theories for several years now name New! Training and experience to understand earthquakes is almost like a session of staring up at the clouds about his,... Pseudoscientific earthquake predictions via his interest in geo-engineering and weather Modification Facebook page about followers. This: ken Ring 's Almanac failed to predict quakes ” in Christchurch 3pm. North-Westerly airstream, the Government improvement seminars are based on Scientology s 230 out of the limelight in times. Taller than they were before interview about his predictions, eventually you 're wondering, the community., ken Ring tweeted that Queensland, Australia, would have a “ dry... Indicator as any nothing will happen to more than 6000 last of winter frosts and some fine but. And experience to understand earthquakes ​honeychurch said the strength of any ability to weather... Been 2687 aftershocks located pseudoscientific earthquake predictions renamed Spiritual Awareness social media page is almost like a of. Seems to require in order to accept an idea is very low. `` ” in Christchurch between 3pm 4pm! His predictions `` alternative weather '' and has authored books about the weather earthquakes... The sun and the Sufi Saints NZ Skeptics chairman Mark Honeychurch said Gray appeared to have been by! Claim he can use lunar cycles to predict either the July or August 2011 extreme polar that.

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