Joseph would never have imagined while laying in the pit that one day he would be the Prime Minister of one of the strongest nation of that time.

Joseph was Issac’s favorite son, he lived the life of a prince in his father’s son. He was thrown into the pit by his brothers and then sold as a slave. But he remained faithful even as a slave. God was with him in everything that he did. Potiphar was impressed with his work that he made Joseph chief of everything. Here is when Potiphar’s wife wants to get physical with Joseph. Joseph could have done it and no one would have known, but he chose to flee from that place and because he remained faithful he was thrown into the prison. But from there GOD made him the Prime Minister of Egypt. How wonderful is our God!

Being a teen, you will face many temptations. Temptation which is enough to turn your back on God. One of the most dangerous temptations, one of the most dangerous temptations is the lust of the eyes.