Our Story

It was at the beginning of 2015 when we started to share the Word of GOD through emails and social media which were limited to our Christian friends. Slowly we extended it to our non-believer friends so that even they would get encouraged by this living word of God. Gradually we realised that the reach was limited by this mode so, In the year 2016, we started a free blog with the name christisourfoundation.wordpress.com, here is the link to that blog of ours.

This gradually grew to people across the world, many were encouraged reading the blogs which in turn encouraged us as well. After a year of its inception, we decided to upgrade this blog to a properly maintained website so that the gospel reaches to every corner of the world. The reason being, since it was a free blog, it had its own limitation. So in November 2017, we started this journey with baby steps of creating this website from scratch.

It took us few months to even publish first few blogs. We had to do our regular jobs and also run this website. It was only by the grace of God that we could grow every single day.

The Birth of COF

Though the free blog started in 2016, we officially started COF in the year 2017, November. COF is nothing but the shortened form of Christ is Our Foundation. When we decided to start a blog the hardest part was to find a name. We prayed for many days to get an apt name, we had many names in our mind, but it was hard to zero down on one final name. Finally, as we were still praying, this verse from the Bible flashed in our mind, that’s how we decided to name this website as Christ is Our Foundation.

For no one can lay the foundation other than the one which was already laid which is Jesus Christ.

1 Corinthians 3:11


Our Mission

We as a Team are working together under the grace and guidance of the Holy Spirit to

  1. Build our Foundation stronger in Christ
  2. Reach out to Kids and Sunday School teachers and parents by providing them with enough and free Sunday School Resources.
  3. Counsel and have a christly fellowship with teens and youths.
  4. Pray for people across the globe
  5. To spend quality personal time with GOD
  6. Share testimonies

Our Vision

To lay Christ as the basic foundation in the lives of people across the globe.


We live for Christ and we are very excited to share the gospel to every corner of this earth.