Why Weekly Manna

A lot of thought process was put into each section for naming them as we didn’t want a conventional name so we were wondering what name should we give for sermons and that’s when we got this idea of weekly manna.

God provided food for the people of Israel directly from heaven in the form of manna. They fed on it on their journey towards the Promised Land. We are also on a journey towards a promised land and hence this name Weekly Manna.

What can be found in Weekly Manna

Sermons will be shared by different men and women of God which you can read here, I pray and believe that these sermons will encourage and uplift you in your daily walk with GOD.

If you would like to contribute in this section, please contact us either through the contact page below or you can even drop us an email at christisourfoundation@gmail.com and we will get in touch with you.